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Harnessing the untapped potential of the ‘do-gooders’

Volunteers are the backbone of a charity. They are the fuel that powers the engine, and these are not just a bunch of words, I mean them. Recently, I have been working closely with a visionary charity to help them with a review of their volunteer programme, to learn from successes, challenges and lay the […]

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Embarking on the growth journey, slowly but surely

It’s spring time at last, a time of growth and renewal. The flowers are blossoming and the sun is starting to shine, bringing in glimmers of hope. A word that seems to be coming up more and more in my conversations with the not-for-profits I am working with is GROWTH. What does growth really mean […]

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Giving future generations a chance ─ shifting the development paradigm

Some would say it’s a new year and it’s time for fresh beginnings. However, life chances continue to feel bleak and grim out there for children and young people in the UK ─ hunger, poverty, housing, mental health, education, you name it. Many of these dimensions interacting closely with each other, amplifying and causing a […]

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Co-creating Futures goes LIVE!

I am very excited to share that my new venture ─ Co-creating Futures is going live today. Co-creating Futures is the culmination of my passion and dream to reimagine futures through collaborative change, and make lasting change happen. Together. We aspire to strengthen organisations who are working tirelessly to deliver social and environmental change and […]

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