Our Ethos

Our Vision

Our Mission

We strive to enhance community resilience by helping development and environment-focused organisations to accelerate their ambition by:

Developing strategy and goals

Supporting collaborative change and organisational effectiveness

Defining, improving and communicating impact

Embedding and amplifying the voice of lived experience

Building rich evidence and advocating for policy reform

Our Values

Our work is underpinned by five core beliefs:

Mutual respectWe work in a way which is respectful of each other. We really listen. Even if we disagree, we do so respectfully.
Integrity We value honesty, remain true to ourselves and to others, and like to walk the talk
Relationships We value a relational approach and an equal and inclusive partnership process where we work hand in hand to co-produce ideas and solutions. 
Creativity We think out of the box and explore how we can shift conventional paradigms, and think differently about the problems we want to solve.
PassionWe bring deep passion and commitment to making a real difference to the community.

At Co-creating Futures, we believe that transformational change requires a forward-looking vision, a value-based approach, committing to being people-centred, learning from each other and persevering through challenges one step at a time.

“We drive collaborative change that delivers meaningful and sustainable outcomes.”

If you would like to know more about our philosophy and what lies behind what we do, write to us!