Co-creating Futures goes LIVE!

I am very excited to share that my new venture ─ Co-creating Futures is going live today.

Co-creating Futures is the culmination of my passion and dream to reimagine futures through collaborative change, and make lasting change happen. Together.

We aspire to strengthen organisations who are working tirelessly to deliver social and environmental change and help them maximise their impact and ultimately build resilient communities. 

When I wrote my master’s thesis on strategic collective action at University College London in what seems like a different era, little did I know that fifteen years on, I would be launching my own company with the similar mission (albeit nuanced). 

I have tossed and turned over this and questioned the logic of choosing uncertainty over stability as I launched myself on this independent track but it feels congruent and right. I have enjoyed working in charity, consultancy, policy think, academia and public sector environments over the last two decades and exploring and engaging with a variety of functional spaces and thematic lenses along the way. I have followed my heart (meandering at times) to address gaps in my own understanding, grapple with unanswered questions and be able to see things from as rounded a perspective as possible. I have tried to balance making a macro-impact at scale with large multi-country or network initiatives and couple that with one-to-one work to stay close to vulnerability. It keeps me grounded and stay motivated (the reality of what families and communities around us are confronting is humbling and hard-hitting and makes me search deeper for answers). I hope to bring the richness of this and my passion for change to Co-creating Futures. 

At Co-creating Futures, our focus would be systemic and transformative change. Our approach will be to be relational, take a deep-dive to get to the heart of things, build bridges, break silos and go bespoke. We will be offering consultancy services on:        strategic development and coaching; organisational change and development; research and analysis; programme or project design; impact frameworks, methodologies and assessments, all areas to help organisations in development and environment spaces assess where they are, actualise strategies, amplify their impact and accelerate their ambition to deliver real change. 

Please subscribe for our updates, follow us on LinkedIn and spread the word. Conversations, challenges and enquiries welcome. I will love to hear what you think, and have you join us on our journey! 


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