What we do

The way we work with organisations is driven by an emphasis on systemic and transformational change.

Our Approach

We focus on:

  • collaborative working (taking a relational approach)
  • diving deep and getting to the roots (unpacking root causes)
  • building bridges and breaking silos (coalescing teams around shared goals)
  • offering bespoke solutions (tailoring approaches and solutions to individual needs)
  • making a lasting impact (challenging the status quo, taking a long-term view)

Our Services

Strategy development and coaching

We deliver strategic coaching to help you assess where you are, help you review your organisational plans, and work with you to develop a bespoke strategy that articulates where you will like to go with your ambition.

Organisational change and development

We offer organisational change, development and alignment support to help you review structures, navigate a shifting identity,  and manage change effectively.

Research and evidence synthesis

We undertake research, analysis and evidence synthesis (including participatory research with people of lived experience) to inform programmes, donor communication or advocacy for the policy shifts and reforms you hope to see.

Project or programme frameworks and modality

We help plan, conceptualise, review and design effective projects and programme modality and frameworks that align to your core vision, are feasible to deliver and deliver maximum impact.

Impact and learning frameworks, assessments and evaluations

We assist you in developing your organisational theory of change, impact frameworks and methodologies to help you measure the impact of your work and communicate your impact story well.

Catalytic Partnership working and collaboration

We assist you in making the most of partnership and collaboration spaces, harness mutual synergies, drive greater impact and share best practices so you and your partners can more of a difference together.

Sustainability and grant funding

We work with you to clarify and review your organisation’s aspirations, goals and positioning so you can maximise your chances of securing grant funding appropriate to your needs, and sustain momentum.

At Co-creating Futures, through the various services we offer, our aim is to help organisations develop conducive structures, motivated teams, evidence-based strategies and support effective programmes and policy. To see some testimonials and what others have said about our work, please look at our home page.

If you would like to know more about how we work, and book a free no obligation one hour consultation session, get in touch!