Making lasting change happen. Together.

We live in an era where increasing number of individuals and families are grappling with basic needs, service access and unforeseen crisis, poverty is increasingly multi-dimensional, the climate is under threat and policies often inadequate. Charities and environment and development-focused organisations are on high alert, working tirelessly and continually responding in their communities. Keeping pace organisationally and strategically with the fast evolving context while also shaping and influencing the wider systems and spaces around us is challenging. It is in this context that Co-creating Futures is born.

At Co-creating Futures, we would like to work together with charities and other organisations doing social and environmental good to reimagine futures where communities flourish. We believe in helping organisations realise their dreams and harness their full potential. We believe in offering continuity of support and a space for organisations to reflect on their evolving identities and anchor themselves more strongly in who they are and where they want to go.

We bring astute insight backed by a couple of decades of solid experience across the spaces of strategy, policy, programmes, research and impact so organisations working in development and environmental spaces can deliver transformative change.

We believe in the power of collaboration and collective energy, the whole being greater than the sum of parts and how teams and organisations working together can make more of a difference, and collectively and sustainably change the status quo on deeply embedded issues such as urban poverty, food security, mental health, climate resilience and more.

Through combining focus with flexibility, passion with empathy, active listening with doing, and a people-centred approach, we enable organisations to have a lasting impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children, families and communities.

Will you join us on this journey?


Strategy and Organisational Change

It has been great to collaborate with Co-creating Futures. Working with Nidhi on our strategy both in her previous capacity at Trussell Trust and now, is such a joy ─ her gentle probing, her encouragement and her amazing insight. We always look forward to meetings with Nidhi. The reality is that REACH has, and is becoming a far more effective organisation with a clearer focus for lifting families out of hardship. I really can’t thank Nidhi enough for her incredible input over the last 2+ years!

Henry Wilson

Strategy Development

Nidhi provided Pathfinder guidance to our charity to support its future development. I was impressed with her sharp strategic focus and her ability to articulate order out of chaos!

Steve Clay

Policy, Research and Partnerships

It was my great pleasure to work alongside Nidhi at the Coalition for Urban Transitions. Nidhi was responsible for translating a global body of evidence on national urban policy into a programme of policy advice and technical assistance in four countries: China, Ghana, Mexico and Tanzania. Nidhi built strong relationships with partners in each country, empowering and resourcing them to deliver high-quality and locally-appropriate support while ensuring alignment and linkages with the Coalition’s global messages and networks.

Sarah Colenbrander
Director, Climate and Sustainability Programme / Overseas Development Institute

Impact and Evaluation

Nidhi’s expertise in evaluation and participatory research in development runs deep. A strategic thinker, she’s skilled at getting to the heart of the issue and asking the right questions to find the best solutions. I have worked with Nidhi on a number of international programme evaluation projects, and am always so impressed with her clarity of thinking, her ability to find her way through swathes of information to draw out critical insights and – perhaps most importantly –  her unending passion for making sure her work delivers real impact for real people. 

Arani Mylvaganam
Head of Intelligence / Think Consulting Solutions

Programme Design and Management

Nidhi adopts a positive and energetic approach to getting things done, and shows high integrity both in her work and leading teams. She has demonstrated expertise in the design and delivery of complex programme such as the UKAid funded multi-country programme, BRACED. When managing tasks and workstreams, Nidhi adopts an inclusive, transparent and facilitative management style. Nidhi has both lived and worked in a wide range of countries and geographies, in Asia, Africa and Europe. She is a strong communicator with high-level interpersonal skills, allowing her to interact effectively with individuals across all organizations, hierarchical levels, and cultural settings, and has extensive experience in training and capacity building having designed and delivered programmes for the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies.

Katherine Cooke
Principal Consultant / Oxford Policy Management